to white America my skin is not a weapon I can’t disarm my melanin to dull out the hue you want our “what’s” but don’t acknowledge the “who’s” my skin is not a weapon I can’t address it every rising and disrobe the generational pain forcibly sane you’re not depressed you’ll be ok aye, man up…


you can’t skew my faith by repeating broad subliminals. the fantasy speaks of some benevolent fairy in the sky; who has all the power and contradiction, so I shall praise the all high. leave the comfort of my house to worship in the judgement of his, through 731 Units of -ism his plan, it is….


eyes can be so convincing they’re fixated on commitment inside your mind is suffocating from solitude encasement fragile minds they wither away before you know they’re missing but looking into the windows of your eyes I wouldn’t see you different that’s what’s wrong with this you won’t let me in I’m not here to judge…


I’ll let you sell me my dream of knowing my true identity I’m sure I’d jump free just to dive with my dignity

By Design Pt. 1

there’s an unspoken rule for my folks by any means necessary don’t claim a mental illness as the rays shine in your proximity reflect it into others in one mile, turn on the Run Way make sure the youth are around they have to find out someday that it’s more expensive to suffer out loud…

Dictated Thinking

being vulnerable makes me tense and brings on other feelings but I’m woke laying on this couch and you’re writing down my business I might need to lawyer up just to protect my peace my freedom shipped to a cell if you’re offended by me maybe a painting of the seen is better scene red splatters…

New Year’s Resolution

my new year’s resolution is to stop comparing my failures to other’s successes and secure miraculous feats without depending on blessings

Once a King

I only have two goals get some money and the peace but I can’t get either if I’m coddled by the streets tryna channel pops and what he once seen to make him leave his kingdom & catch a 3rd degree

License to Kill

The lack of emotional intelligence and viable critical thinking skills is driven by insecurity not “The person I loved betrayed my trust” but “I was never loved or nurtured so I don’t know how to love and nurture myself”


As a newborn adolescence, I realize that I still provoke fights to righteously clear my conscious.

Time Will Tell Pt. 5

there’s no calling out everyday is a day to iron out my insecurities address my excuses key locks I forgot about and reassure my doubts